We here at SugarDaddy Productions, Inc, the nerve center of WOLFPAC's world empire take to the interwebs seeking some hands on help as well as trying to address the many different inquiries we get here in regards to working with us!

1) WOLFPAC Street Team Members Wanted:
Its that time again where we are looking for a few good people to help spread the word of WOLFPAC! Because of all the super fresh opportunities and constantly developing projects we are involved with we are looking to not only for our street team but we will also be enlarging the scope to seek out people looking to get their feet wet within the entertainment industry! Here is the break down of the two different things we are looking for:

A) First we are looking for simply street team members who would be down to help promote WOLFPAC and all of the projects they are involved with. Street Team members would be asked to do things like hand out flyers at events, other times we may need you to mass email or phone call certain media outlets for contests, or to help promote an event or a production we are affiliated with. To basically be the a promotional juggernaut of power in your area to help spread the word of WOLFPAC as well as the many projects they and their production company SugarDaddy Productions are involved with all over the place!

B) Second we are looking for WOLFPAC web warriors which would basically mean we would need you to be on point with your social media using it to help promote WOLFPAC and their many splendid projects all over the internet. Using things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others to keep the name out there and to promote whatever it is we are working with at the time all over the net! Sometimes we will also have cyber missions where we need you to be able to vote on line, comment on blogs and message boards and generally plague the internet with all things WOLFPAC! If you're interested or if you have any questions simply drop us an email at: streetteam@sugardaddyrecords.com

2) WOLFPAC / SugarDaddy Productions Interns:
Because we have so much going on we are seeking individuals who are looking to get more of a "hands on" involvement with WOLFPAC, SugarDaddy Productions and the entertainment industry. We are interested in people who are looking to learn and have an active part of our productions in some capacity. There is so much going on from touring, to our radio show, to live shows to YouTube shows, to TV shows to from being a rodie to audio and video production and much more all of which is from a grass roots DIY mindset. We do it all and we can teach it all! Don't get it twisted, if you think this business is all about rock stars, fat cash and Lamborghinis move along, but if your actually interested in the entertainment industry, learning by a real hands on independent underground approach let us know! If you have any questions simply drop us an email at: sugardaddy@sugardaddyrecords.com

3) Girls of WOLFPAC Models and Dancers:
From time to time WOLFPAC has been known to have a few beautiful ladies involved in their shenanigans. From dancing on stage, going on tour, to co hosting events to doing radio and TV to modeling on the GirlsofWOLFPAC web page. See we have a problem, we love woman, and we know you all do too so we love to have them around, to put them in the mix while helping them to expand their modeling or acting or music or in whatever field they are looking to expand into. Now while some of the girls are full time and some are part time there is still so many different things and opportunities we can get each WOLFPAC girl involved with. Some of the things you may be really into and some things might not be your cup of tea but none of it is mandatory, what you do with us is all pretty much up to what you decided to do. So if your looking to get involved, grow your portfolio and have a blast while doing it, don't be shy, simply drop us a email and we can go from there! If you have any questions simply drop us an email at: gowmodel@sugardaddyrecords.com

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