Do you know how unbelievably hard it has been keeping our mouths shut on this one? For real if there is anything you should know about the members of WOLFPAC is that we are all extremely large nerds! From roll playing games such as AD&D and Robotec to obscure comic books titles like "Grimjack" and "Rom the Space Knight" from cosplay to Star Wars to Star Trek and everything geek-esque in between, we are "huge nerds of Potsie-like proportions". So for us to be given the huge honor of having WOLFPAC as part of the new deckbuliding game from Psychopathic Records designed by the Dungeon Master himself Rob Bruce and illustrated by the world renowned fantasy artist Tom Wood, well we might as well have hit the lottery! And if just the addition to the game wasn't enough, after picking up a copy of it and playing it now understanding how great the gameplay of "Into The Echoside" is we are even more excited to be part of it! So do not delay, get your copy now, trust use when we say, whether your a Juggalo or not doesn't matter, if you like games of this nature you will be floored by how extremely awesome and fun it is!

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