The past few weeks we have been getting a lot of messages asking us where all the WOLFPAC videos went? People can't seem to find any of the WOLFPAC music videos on YouTube or any of the content we create like the 5 Minutes of Murder Serial Killer Profile series or the BWare Horror Real Horror Movie Review or our video game lest play series Failed 2 Miss so we figured we would address that! In recent weeks YouTube has been changing their agreements with content creators in several ways, also they have been censoring many creators and demanding that other creators change the way they do their content. After a few back and forth emails with YouTube management we have decided to remove all WOLFPAC and SugarDaddy Productions, Inc. videos from YouTube completely and sever ties with them. Because of this we have been developing our own one stop spot for all of our videos on line at WOLFPAC.TV where the all of the videos are hosted on Facebook's new video service Facebook Watch, which we will be developing more as they roll it out. Frankly with Facebook Watch just launching YouTube's days are numbered any way!

So there you go, if you're looking for anything video from us you can simply go to WOLFPAC.TV or visit the WOLFPAC Facebook page and don't forget to give us a "Like"! Enjoy!